Psychology 604 -- Library Resources for Research

* For Starters, the Metropolitan State Library offers an online tutorial - click here

* Whether you are looking for research ideas, articles on a particular topic, or
   measures you could use/adapt for a planned study, the libarry offers quite a
   few databases that can be searched for information, see  the library home page.

* In many cases, you will find yourself searching  article databases (especially the Psychology Databases )  or
   looking for   articles in the many journals that are available in electronic format (
This should take you to the "A to Z" list of journals).
   For example, want to know what is in the recent editions of the American Journal  Community Psychology
   or another journal you can browse online (via our library and your NetDirect login)

* The library has some books and resources in hard copy, and can borrow additional volumns from our
   partner schools.  To search for books and hard copy materials, use MnPALS or other resources